Cohort Resources

Getting Started

We kicked-off the project with our 40+ strong cohort during a webinar in December 2013. The PDF of the slides is available here: 4-H Cohort Orientation Webinar December 2013. Each cohort member had the opportunity to choose to pilot Nature Detectives or Habitat Connections. Once the decision was made, kits were shipped out and there were training webinars to help everyone understand the activities in each kit. Afterwards, this year’s cohort was asked to complete the following 2014 Implementation Plan

Out of the Box Calls

Each month we’ve been hosting an “Out of the Box” call to check in. Our first call in late March involved simple discussion of initial implementation thoughts and plans. Our second call focused a bit more on expectations. We emailed out the following document for reflection:  Implementation and Evaluation Expectations.  For our third call in early June, we sent out some ideas to consider when implementing the curricula. Calls have been archived for the purpose of the project and for the cohort members who may have missed a call.

Citizen-Science Quest

The 4-H Citizen Science Quest booklet was created as a supplement to Nature Detectives.  While Nature Detectives helps to provide that spark and interest in nature, the Quest provides a structured activity to bring youth groups a step further by completing challenges that build up to a citizen-science count. The Quest is a stand-a-lone activity that can be used with groups at any time.

In 2013 we had a January in-person workshop. We managed to have lots of fun despite the bitter Ithaca cold!:

Snowy Bird WalkBird Spy Bingo JanuaryPeeking into the Bird Garden WinterHeaded down the snowy trail

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