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These easy-to-use lessons will help you teach science content year-round through birds!

AmericanRobin_pennington_DeaJustLast year, BirdSleuth and Pennington® Wild Bird Feed teamed up with the goal of encouraging students, teachers, and families to use birds and bird feeding to inspire learning both inside and outside the classroom. We created Feathered Friends, a curriculum with nine monthly activities covering a new topic about birds each month. We also offered free webinars for educators to help them improve their personal knowledge about feeding birds and how to incorporate feeding birds into their education program. Check out our events schedule to learn when the next “Feeding our Feathered Friends” webinar is being offered (the webinar is free)!

Teachers who used the Feathered Friends unit last year told us:
  • Students loved the lessons and were very engaged in the unit!  I loved the lessons, too!!!
  • Students learn to be better scientific observers, and the bird observation is a way to do real scientific activities outside in nature vs. inside in the classroom.
  • I was able to use what worked best and make it part of my instruction rather than a stand-alone activity.
  • Kids are noticing more nature around them.
  • Fun, active, engaging!
  • They are easy to follow and can be used in a variety of settings. The take home part allows students to continue their bird watching.

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Feathered Friends lessons are active and engaging as well as educational.  For example, in the December lesson, the “Birdy Says” activity has kids moving around like birds in a game styled like “Simon Says.”  Later in the February and March lessons, kids participate in citizen science, explore monocular versus binocular vision, and observe bird behaviors.  In April, kids get to experience bird sounds as they learn to identify different bird songs and create a beautiful dawn chorus right in your classroom!  Each of these activities are fun and interactive, making them perfect for getting kids moving around whether in a K-8 classroom, in afterschool programs, or at home.

Get your free download here!

As a bonus, teachers who download the lessons get a follow-up email with details about how they can get a free Pennington bird feeder for their classroom window. In addition, Pennington is generously sending window bird feeders to many state, regional, and national teacher conferences–so teachers in many locations can pick them up and use them! Find out where we’re going on our events page.

Whether you are a teacher or not, by putting up a feeder, you can attract feeder birds to you schoolyard, a great first step toward getting young people outside observing and learning.

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Thank you for making science learning fun and memorable by teaching science through birds! We appreciate our sponsor, Pennington Wild Birds, for providing fun and useful resources to our BirdSleuth teachers again this school year!

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  • Feathered Friends isn’t our only free resource available, so check out our array of other free resources!
  • Receive a free Pennington cedar feeder with a purchase of any of our kits.

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