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Do you teach evolution? 

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has produced two videos that describe evolutionary processes using a mix of cartoon illustration and live footage from the Birds-of-Paradise Project. The two videos, “Natural and Sexual Selection: An Illustrated Introduction” and “Speciation: An Illustrated Introduction” are sister pieces designed to help students better understand the fundamentals of evolution. Each video has also been “flipped” onto the TEDEd learning platform with accompanying multiple choice and short answer questions for those who wish to use them.

Natural and Sexual Selection: An Illustrated Introduction 

Learn about how evolution shapes the way animals look and behave by following bird characters Awkward, Armored Shield, Burly, and Fancy as they try to survive and attract mates.

 How a bird evolves fancy traits

Speciation: An Illustrated Introduction 

Learn about how new species are formed by tracking the results of blind dates between generations of birds from isolated populations.

 How new species evolve

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  1.  by  Katherine

    These are definitely great materials! Would love to use this. Thanks for sharing!


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