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What does BirdSleuth Inquiry look like?  Take Amy, a fourth grade BirdSleuther, for example…feeder, out, experiment

Amy noticed that when the neighbor’s cat was outside, there seemed to be fewer birds at her feeder.  She developed an experiment to test her idea. She put a stuffed-animal cat out to “guard” her feeder.  Then, she compared the amount of seed eaten in one normal week to one week with this vicious predator!


What do you think she concluded?

 experimentYou’ll have to find out in Investigation 2 of our Investigating Evidence curriculum! That complete unit will help you scaffold these exciting projects from question to conclusion, and allow you to meet your inquiry standards.  This complete, free module includes lesson plans, journal pages, and online resources that will help your students ask scientific questions, craft and test hypotheses, collect and organize data, draw meaningful conclusions, and publish their work!

Want to see what students from all around the country are doing? Download your copy of BirdSleuth Investigator, or order copies for your classroom.

Teachers, be sure to send us  your students’ work!  They can become published scientists! Before you submit, be sure to read through our complete Submission Guidelines then use our online submission formOur guidelines explain how to format your file, save your file, and what information you must include with your submission.

Going Further for Educators:

Our new self-paced course, Integrating Inquiry for Educators: Developing Student Science Practices, is designed to help educators explore the process of inquiry and scientific investigation, especially as inspired by outdoor observations and citizen-science participation. Our popular Investigating Evidence curriculum is the “textbook” for the course.