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Seeking Pennington Ambassadors

Feb_birding_workshop_photo1_KarlaBeattyWe are seeking Ambassadors to help us train teachers in birds and bird feeding. Ambassadors will receive free feeders for all the teachers they train!

You can help your local teachers incorporate birds and bird feeding into their curriculum, while giving them valuable resources and providing new ways to get their students involved outdoors.

Feb_birding_workshop_photo2_KarlaBeattyWe ask that you:

  1. Recruit 10 or more teachers. (Preference is given for workshops that reach a larger number of teachers from more than one school.)
  2. Present a PowerPoint show, lead an activity or two, and give the teachers resources we provide.
  3. Let us know who you trained and how it went (name and email address is required).


Your workshop can be part of a larger professional development day or a stand-alone event, it can last one hour or all day, and can incorporate your own creative ideas while focusing on the program objective: helping teachers take kids outside to learn science through birds and inquiry.

We will work with you to plan the event and provide a package of resources that will help you conduct a motivating and successful experience. Each teacher participating will receive:

  • Penn, feeder, animation, cartThe first lesson of our Feathered Friends activities printed:
  • Information for mini-grant opportunities
  • Pennington window bird feeder
  • BirdSleuth bookmark
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology Resources for Educators handout

We will also work with you directly to see if we can provide more tailed resources including handouts and PowerPoints.


Can you help us? 



  1.  by  Jeff Manker

    The updated website looks really good! Great job on the re-design.

    Birdsleuth has served as a great intro to help me teach my brand new High School Ornithology class. The new lesson using the Birds of Paradise looks like something I will also put to good use. Thanks for the support and innovation.

    Jeff Manker

  2.  by  Nature Coach

    WOW !
    Website looks great and is easier to navigate. GREAT JOB !!

  3.  by  jairus koki

    we the birders and trainers will benefit greatly from this training opportunity

  4.  by  Debora Pletzke

    Thank you for the wonderful resources to connect our youngest learners with birds! The teachers were so excited to learn about this program and how to incorporate the lessons into their curriculum.

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