Science Investigator’s Kit for Homeschoolers

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BirdSleuth: Science Investigator’s Kit for Homeschoolers  is a curriculum created especially for homeschoolers who want to get outside to observe nature and build science skills.  A ready-to-go resource, the lessons propel your child to consider the local environment through creative thinking, the scientific processes, and citizen science.

With this curriculum, students participate in bird counts and submit their findings online to the Project FeederWatch  nation-wide database.  The opportunity to share data with scientists provides kids an extra incentive to collect good data because they know their data is supporting professional scientists.

To teach kids effective observation and questioning skills, the curriculum consistently encourages students to critically think about the tasks they are doing and to keep a journal while observing birds in their habitat. This kit was designed especially for young readers (grades 2-4) but is easily adaptable for older and younger siblings who want to join in.

cardinal, feeder, bird, perchWith the Science Investigator kit activities, young people are invited to…

  • Learn about habitat, diversity and the scientific process through a series of hands-on, inquiry-based science lessons.
  • Observe feeder birds and submit their data through the Project FeederWatch citizen-science program.
  • Ask and investigate their own biology questions.
Parents recieve a variety of helpful resources to teach science content through hands-on, engaging lessons:
  • Lesson plans, student journals, and a resource guide that make learning through inquiry easy and fun!
  • A CD-Rom that includes informative slide shows, videos, and printable resources.

    SIK PFW kit spreads

    Science Investigator’s Kit

  • Two useful books: a field guide to backyard birds, created especially for young naturalists, and a bird log journal for recording birding experiences.
Science Investigators kit will help you inspire a love for birds and nature in your children this winter and spring season. For more information and a complete list of the lessons and resources included in this kit, click here.  Visit our store to purchase your Science Investigator’s Kit for Homeschoolers!

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  1.  by  Katherine

    Sounds great! Your children are absolutely a major commitment on the parent’s part. The science investigator’s kit is indeed a great help not just for homeschoolers but also for parents . Science is very important since it is everywhere in today’s world. It would be nice to learn it in the real world and not just on the books. Definitely trying this out!

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