Feathered Friends Activities

Engaging science lessons brought to you by your local birds!

Our friends at Pennington Wild Birds are working with us to educate and engage children and families in citizen science and the pleasures of wild bird feeding and bird watching! A free download perfect for elementary educators is available: these easy-to-use activities will help you teach science content year-round through the birds that visit. 

Click the woodpecker to download your free lessons… if you already have the lessons, click the cardinal to find links and resources connected to the lessons.


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By putting up a feeder, you can attract feeder birds to you schoolyard, a great first step toward getting students outside observing and learning. Pennington® Bird Feeders have been donated to BirdSleuth as part of this alliance.  Everyone can  get a free feeder with the purchase of a BirdSleuth kit. Also, watch for a follow-up email after your lesson download.  Teachers can get a free window feeder and student handouts (shipping fee applies, and we can only ship to school addresses).