Resources for Evolution in Paradise

The birds of paradise are unique and dazzling.  Words cannot entirely capture the essence of their elegant displays, so Evolution in Paradise lessons incorporate video footage that Ed and Tim captured while out in the field. Below, find video links for each lesson as well as ideas for engaging your students further with Cornell Lab of Ornithology resources.


Evolution in Paradise Lessons:

1. Science in Paradise – Scientific process, the nature of science

2. Sexual Selection – Evolution by natural and sexual selection

3. Heritable Behaviors – Behavioral adaptations, heritability


1. Science in Paradise

Videos for this lesson:







Ed Scholes Video







Multi-cams Video








Our free download, Investigating Evidence, will help you guide your students to exploring the science process even further.



2. Sexual Selection

Video for this lesson:

Natural and Sexual Selection Video



3. Heritable Behaviors

Videos for this lesson:

Life's a Stage video







Dance video








Students can research more information about birds on All About Birds and find animal behavior videos in the Macaulay Library.

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