Nature Detectives Activities

These six hands-on activities will turn kids into nature detectives! Youth will engage in the science process and learn life science content…and it will be easy and fun for you and the kids!

Activity 1: What’s That Habitat?

Each living thing has a habitat: the place that provides the food, water, cover, and space needed to survive. In this activity, kids will enjoy sorting animal crackers into their habitats as much as they’ll enjoy eating the “animals” afterward!  Then take your group outside to explore with BirdSleuth habitat scavenger hunt cards!

Activity 2: Who Lives in Our Habitat?

kids, boy, out, look, book, act

Kids enjoy going outside for the Scavenger Hunt. Laminated, reusable cards are included in the kit!

Although birds are everywhere and easy to see, they can easily go unnoticed in day-to-day life.  This activity will open your eyes to birds and help you think about the role birds play in your own life.  Find out about the birds in your area, and decide for yourself how they impact you, your community, and your world!

Activity 3: Food Web Tangle

Get moving and explore the way organisms are connected in nature. As you create your own tangle, you’ll quickly discover how one species affects other species in the food web.

Activity 4: Create a Bird

Learn about the cool features of birds, then create your own extreme habitat and imagine the birds that might live there. What creative adaptations can you come up with?

Activity 5: Feed the Birds

Learn how different birds eat different foods and see how each bird’s beak is adapted for what it eats. Then build your own feeder and invite the birds into your neighborhood!

Activity 6: Bird Survivor

It’s hard to be a nesting bird!  Will a cowbird lay an egg in your nest or will a predator eat your young? Or will you get lucky and have good weather and lots of food to eat? You’ll want to play again and again to see if you can win at Bird Survivor.

Materials List

We want to be gentle to the earth and your budget: BirdSleuth materials are durable so you can reuse them, and you can order what you need! Your kit includes materials for 10 participants, and you can add additional sets of materials for larger groups.

  • Lesson Book – nearly 40 pages of activities and resources
  • Habitat Sort Poster – set of 10*

    habitat, poster, ND

    Habitat sort poster, used in activity 1

  • Scavenger Hunt Cards – set of 10,  dry-erasable and reusable*
  • Bingo Cards – set of 10,  dry-erasable and reusable*
  • Food Web Name tags – one set of 20 cards
  • Producer/ Consumer/ Decomposer Signs – 1 set of 3 signs
  • Food Web Tangle Poster – 1 poster
  • Feeder Bird Poster – 1 poster
  • Seeds and Grains Poster – 1 poster
  • Bird Survivor Game Cards – one set of 18 cards

*We’ve bundled these three materials into additional sets of 10 sold separately so you can easily and inexpensively outfit whatever sized group you have.