Most Wanted Birds


With this kit, students will:

  • Learn science content, such as bird diversity and adaptations
  • Identify local birds through interactive bird ID quizzes, posters, and hands-on activities
  • Participate in the eBird citizen-science project and connect to real data, bringing STEM to life


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Citizen Science for Students!

The Most Wanted Birds curriculum kit brings your local birds into focus.  This kit was designed to get kids outside and connecting to their local environment by teaching students to identify birds, introducing amazing bird adaptations, and participating in the eBird citizen-science project. eBird provides an easy way to keep track of the birds you see, while contributing to one of the world’s largest citizen-science databases. Help scientists learn about the birds in your schoolyard while you view information on your bird observations, and observations tracked from around the world, any time you want!

The Most Wanted Birds lessons were designed and tested with teachers, so they are complete and easy-to-use. All you need are your kit resources, a computer or mobile device, and some bird ID field guides or mobile apps. Harness the power of citizen science and technology to spark your student’s curiosity. Your schoolyard birds are the perfect way to get students excited about the outdoors and contributing to science!

Bird ID Card example.

Your kit includes:

  • Teachers Guide with step-by-step instructions for seven engaging lessons;
  • Investigator’s Journal, a student journal with reflection questions;
  • Reference Guide containing background reading for you and your students;
  • Support DVD with quizzes, movies, and more;
  • Full color prints that students will love and learn from;
  • Common Feeder Birds Poster;
  • Bird ID Cards – 38 full-color cards of common birds with beautiful images and life history facts

Get more details on our Most Wanted Birds kit, or purchase a copy through the BirdSleuth shop.




  1.  by  Aigul

    You guys rock! This is an outstanding rseruoce for teachers. Parents and kids would also love it. You share such great rseruoces. It’s fun, fresh and filled with great tools and tips. Busy teachers will be impressed with how much they gain from the time invested. Awesome!

  2.  by  Zulekha Shaikh

    I love this activity, and I guess my students will love it too.
    We planned to make bird feeders from Milk gallons and other recyclable materials.

  3.  by  Michelle

    Is it for Eastern Birds, Western Birds, or birds found all over the country?

    •  by  Birdsleuth Intern

      I just personally looked through the kit, Shari, and it represents species throughout North America – not just species of the US. Thank you for the clarification question, and we hope you enjoy the kit in Canada!

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