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With the help of your local birds, the Most Wanted Birds kit will provide students with the tools to learn about diversity and adaptations. With included resources like full-color Bird ID Cards, interactive bird ID quizzes, posters, and hands-on activities, your students will learn how to identify the birds in your schoolyard. Then, you’re all invited to participate in the eBird citizen-science project!

Citizen Science for Students!

The Most Wanted Birds curriculum scaffolds the eBird citizen-science project. eBird provides an easy way to keep track of the birds you see. You can view information on your own bird observations, and observations reported from around the globe, any time you want. The kit provides an amazing, real-world way to engage in STEM learning authentically, and students like the fact that they are truly helping scientists through citizen science!

The Most Wanted Birds lessons were designed and tested with teachers, so they are complete and easy-to-use.  With the help of the resources in the kit, there is no need for extensive supplies or preparation. All you need is a computer and some bird field guides or mobile devices with bird ID apps for your class. There are seven lessons included, and each lesson takes approximately 1-3 class periods to complete. In addition, you can continue eBird counts and schoolyard investigations throughout the semester or all year.

MWB kit

Most Wanted Birds Teacher’s Guide Page

  1. Sound Surveillance
  2. Sleuthing Silhouettes
  3. Bird Interrogation
  4. Become a Bird ID Expert
  5. Solve the Case with Field Guides
  6. Sleuthing for Science
  7. Investigate the Database

Teacher’s Guide

This 42-page guide includes step-by-step instructions for completing each lesson. We’ve added “Teacher Tips” and “It Happened in Class” tip boxes to provide advice and ideas from teachers who have used the lessons. Within the lessons are annotated images of the associated journal and pages to make teaching from the lessons very clear and easy. The content can be covered over a period of several weeks, with additional or ongoing citizen-science counts if desired.

Investigator’s Journal

Each investigation has associated student journal pages that include questions for reflection that can be used in student assessment. You are welcome to copy the pages you’d like to use.

Reference Guide

This resource contains interesting and informative background articles for you and your students. The articles in this 25-page guide include “Successful Spying with Binoculars,” “Listening in on Birds,” and “How to use a Field Guide.”

 Resource Materials

Focus Game Card Rufous Hummer

A Bird ID Card

  • Support DVD with bird quizzes, movies, and other resources.
  • Full-color prints
  • Common feeder birds poster
  •  38  Bird ID Cards—the perfect way to help your students learn how to identify birds!  Each student will love becoming an expert in their own focus bird. The front of each card is a beautiful, full-color 5×8 image of the bird. The back describes the habitat, food preferences, and breeding biology of the bird, along with a range map, BirdSleuth Trivia Questions, and a Cool Fact.
  • Our free eBird and Merlin apps make participating in citizen science easy and fun.

To order your Most Wanted Birds kit, visit the BirdSleuth shop.



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