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We’re hiring two new team members. Are you a good fit for either of these exciting job opportunities?

Teacher in Residence (full time 5 week summer position)

Business and Communications Specialist (full time regular position)

Teacher in Residence

The K-12 Teacher in Residence will work closely with the BirdSleuth K-12 team to conceive and develop innovative curricula and resources that meet standards in STEM education. We are looking for an experienced teacher who will work with our team to help create a deeper understanding of current trends in classroom education and assist us in developing marketing materials online and in print. You might also help with special projects such as Lab Visitor Center events, planning teacher workshops and courses, promoting K-12 resources via social media, writing blogs, and developing online educational content.

This full-time position will take place in Ithaca for five weeks between June and August, 2018, arranged in mutual agreement between the Resident and BirdSleuth team. In addition, the Teacher in Residence will be provided a scholarship and attend the BirdSleuth Summer Educator Retreat (July 18-21) and receive those training and resource benefits, including CEU credit. (Note that the Retreat is in addition to the 5 weeks of the residency.)

We’re looking for someone who is creative and flexible who is organized, self-motivated, takes initiative, and has excellent communication skills. Our ideal candidate holds teacher certification (in any state), has experience as a teacher or subject coordinator/specialist, and has knowledge of NGSS/CCSS standards and experience articulating curriculum resources with these standards. Knowledge of or interest in birds, blended learning, educational technologies, and inquiry-based science education is a plus!

Some specific tasks you might be involved in include:

Advise the K-12 team on new courses, webinars, and training development. • Collaborate in planning the agenda, recruiting participants, and teaching BirdSleuth workshops. • Help develop and lead workshops, webinars, and courses.  • Advise the K-12 team on current trends in education as well as curricula and resource development and marketing. • Collaborate with the K-12 team to develop and revise curriculum models, lessons, activities, and resources focused on birds, outdoor learning, and Cornell Lab projects, based on current best practices. • Collaborate with K-12 team to design and implement web-based resources for teachers and their students. • Write articles and blog posts. • Edit content for the BirdSleuth monthly newsletters and promotional materials. • Post to the BirdSleuth social networks and website. • Assist with the preparation for the BirdSleuth summer retreat.

Note: This is a full-time temp appointment at $21.36 per hour for 39 hours/week for 5 weeks, not including the Retreat. You will need to work on site in Ithaca NY and submit time cards. For people not local to Ithaca, it is generally easy to find reasonably-priced temporary housing (or even do housesitting!) here during the summer. We can assist you with finding housing. 

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter that details your interest and relevant experience to Jennifer Fee (jms327@cornell.edu) on or before March 31, 2018.

Business and Communications Specialist

The K-12 Program seeks a customer-focused K-12 Business and Communications Specialist to help us effectively reach educators broadly through written, online, and in-person communication and marketing efforts. This new team member provides project administration, offers customer/educator support, and communicates with K-12 educators directly and through districts and partners. The Specialist understands formal and informal education systems, current education standards, the needs of teachers as related to Cornell Lab resources and advises the K-12 team on reaching new and broader audiences of educators and youth.

As the primary marketing professional on the team, you’ll market our efforts to educators through traditional methods and social media. We’re looking for a detail-oriented person who will develop and manage our program databases and coordinate events such as conferences, workshops, and trainings. You’ll contact teachers, school administrators, and educational partners to grow our reach, assist in setting sales goals and managing finances and budgets, maintain inventory and invoices, ship all sales and handle course registration transactions.

The Specialist must have excellent organizational skills, self-motivation, initiative, and communication skills, as well as an ability to provide a high level of customer service. We’d prefer to hire someone with knowledge of K-12 STEM education and experience in or working with school districts. Someone with experience with customer relationship management, SEO, social media marketing, sales, and e-commerce is ideal.

Applications must be made through Cornell’s WorkDay system. No emailed applications can be accepted for this job.


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