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Introducing Integrating Inquiry for Educators: Developing Student Science Practices. This self-paced, online course is designed to ignite your excitement for outdoor inquiry, while providing background and resources that will help you engage students in local science investigations and citizen science.


Just because the course is completed on your own time doesn’t mean it isn’t interactive. You’ll get guidance from teachers who have successfully used citizen science with students and learn what works to engage kids. We’ll encourage you to get outside and explore, and make a plan for implementation in your own program or classroom. Quizzes and fun assignments will help you test your knowledge practice skills. Course credit is available, and prices for the course start at only $49. Join us!

Reviews from educators:

“I really liked the combination of videos of the instructors, lesson modules, the readings, the Teaching Channel videos, and the Teacher’s Guide. All very interactive and engaging.”  (Liz, informal science educator)

“I think the course is a ‘must take’ for anyone who teaches science. This course is about getting your students to participate in science and should be at the heart of every science teacher’s program.” (Phil, high school teacher)

“I loved how you walked everyone through the process of inquiry and provided clear examples throughout.” (Robin, 8th grade teacher)

“As a classroom teacher, this is exactly what I need. Everyone is required to have students conduct meaningful research and publish it for a wider audience. Teachers commonly respond to this requirement with , ‘How am I going to do authentic research with 7 year old children? What can they possibly do during our scripted school day to meet this requirement?’ I cannot highly recommend this course enough! It is intuitive, authentic, has tremendous materials and is well planned and immediately applicable.” (Rebecca, 2nd grade teacher)

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  1.  by  Archie Mitchell

    This is ideal material for getting my ” couch potato ” grandchildren away from video games and the monitors when they visit. We need to get them interested in the great outdoors and all it has to offer. Thanks for making this available and affordable.

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