Integrating Inquiry through Citizen Science Collaborative

National Girls Collaborative Project LogoCitizen science is a wonderful “question generator,” and a great way to inspire students to ask and answer their own scientific questions! We’re launching a new effort with the National Girls Collaborative Project to support a cohort of 20 educators in doing citizen science and inquiry investigations with youth this summer and fall. Along with a cohort of talented educators, you’ll take our popular online course, receive curriculum and ongoing support, and enjoy doing outdoor activities with students. Participation in this project is free for educators. We invite you to apply!

Benefits of the Program 
  • Free access to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology online training and ongoing support (Integrating Inquiry course)
  • Free access to curricula and materials valued at over $100 per educator
  • Access to experts in the fields of citizen science and ornithology
  • 2 CEU credits from Cornell University
  • High quality, equitable experiences to deliver to youth
Timeline, Summer/Fall 2017

Application and Launch

May 19 > Educator applications due (apply here)   [We held an informational webinar and Q&A on May 11. The archive is available here if you’d like to watch it.]

May 22 > Accepted applications announced

May 22-26 > Educator pre-surveys completed


May 26 > Educators start “Integrating Inquiry” Course (note, this is an asynchronous online course that can be done on your own time, but it amounts to approximately 20 hours of content)

June, TBD > Conference call/discussions for all available educators

July 14, 2017 > Deadline to finish course


June-September > Educators collect pre-assessment youth survey (prior to completing any activities with students)

May-October > Educators implement citizen science and investigations with youth (note: you can participate in any citizen science project, not just birds!)

October 27 > Deadline to collect and submit post-assessment youth survey

November 1, 2017 > Educator post-survey

Program Requirements

To participate, we ask that you:

  • Complete the Integrating Inquiry Online Course (~20 hours) by July 14, 2017
  • Engage ~20 students in the activities between May – October 2017
    • Note: expect that to fully implement the project, you’d ideally need 10-15 sessions of at least 1-2 hours each, over an extended period of time (20-30 total contact hours). It’s a pretty substantial commitment, but with lots of flexibility related to program structure. You will be asked to have students participate in any citizen science project as well as conduct their own inquiry investigation.
  • Participate in evaluation activities (including pre and post surveys for yourself and the students you teach)*
    • Educator pre-assessment – late May, 2017
    • Educator post-assessment – deadline November 1, 2017
    • Collect youth pre-assessment between June-September (prior to completing any activities)–deadline September 15, 201
    • Collect youth post-assessments (at the completion of implementation) – deadline October 27, 2017
  • Provide feedback on training materials

*We will be happy to provide additional incentives (bird feeders, birding ID cards, and an entry to win binoculars and other prizes) for programs that meet all evaluation activities.

Apply Today!

We encourage all educators to apply, but preference will be given to those educators who teach 3-12th grade students, who can commit to the 20-30 student contact hours, and who are able to meet the rigorous timeline we’ve set.

Interested? Please complete this simple application by May 15, 2017.