Inspiring Youth Inquiry

BirdSleuth is proud to announce the relaunch of our updated and revitalized Investigating Evidence resource. This curriculum will help you harness your students’ natural curiosity through exciting hands-on scientific investigations. Investigating Evidence is great for teachers because it aligns with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. And, even better, thanks to a sponsorship from our friends at 3-D® Pet Products and Wild Delight®Outdoor Pet Productsit’s now available for free!

We love citizen science because of its unique power to connect kids to nature and spark their interest in science. Citizen science invites “regular people,” including K–12 students, to contribute their observations of something—birds, frogs, plants, weather—to a central database, which professional scientists can analyze. Students directly contribute to real science projects and therefore extend the reach of scientists everywhere, helping answer questions that otherwise would be impossible to tackle. For young people, it’s a chance to connect with the outside world in a real, meaningful, and fun way!

Participating in citizen-science projects can give context to student observations, generate questions, and get youth excited about doing science investigations. Watch your students become scientists as you use our teacher guide to support them as they work through the inquiry process and learn science process skills. Your free download includes lesson plans, journal pages, and online resources that will help you guide your students to ask scientific questions, craft and test hypotheses, collect and organize data, draw meaningful conclusions, and publish their work.

We are confident that this curriculum will help you inspire student investigations through outdoor observations and citizen science.  As Barbara, a 3rd grade teacher from Minnesota, said, “The new Investigating Evidence is one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use curriculums to get students involved with citizen science and inquiry. It’s the best I’ve ever seen!”

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Going Further:

Our new self-paced course, Integrating Inquiry for Educators: Developing Student Science Practices, is designed to help educators explore the process of inquiry and scientific investigation, especially as inspired by outdoor observations and citizen-science participation. Our popular Investigating Evidence curriculum is the “textbook” for the course.

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