Resources for Investigating Evidence

If you use the BirdSleuth: Investigating Evidence module, these resources will help you make the most of it!

If you haven’t already, click here to download the full Investigating Evidence curriculum (PDF).  Alternatively, if you are completing only one of these lessons, you may click on each investigation to download only that lesson.

Investigation 1What is Science?

Students will meet some of our Lab scientists and learn about the science process through their exciting work.

          • View the available “Meet the Scientists” video below.  After that, you can check out other Crossing Boundaries young scientist videos here.  (If the video below does not show, try another internet browser)

Investigation 2: Testing Hypotheses

Designing your own experiments is fun and demands creative thinking!

Investigation 3: Show Me the Data

Students learn how to share their conclusions visually through graphs.

Investigation 4Plan and Conduct Investigations

It’s an exciting challenge to plan and implement your own investigation!

          • A great way to get kids excited about planning and conducting their own investigations is to show them what other kids have done.  Be sure to order copies of our print publication, BirdSleuth Investigator, and check out other BirdSleuth reports as well!

Investigation 5:  Presenting Inquiry Projects

Sharing what you’ve learned is a critical part of the science process

      • Conduct your peer review, then congratulate your students on their research! Please submit your student’s best work (or have them submit)via our website.