photo by: Shailee Shah

Informal Educators

Camps, clubs, and youth organizations love BirdSleuth!

BirdSleuth engages kids in outdoor study and exciting scientific inquiry, a perfect fit for science and nature center education programs, 4-H, summer camps, and other informal group programs. The lessons and activities in BirdSleuth kits motivate children to get up and be active while learning and having fun. With BirdSleuth activities you’ll find meaningful and creative ways you can help turn today’s youth into nature-minded stewards of the future.

Because informal groups are generally filled with a mixture of ages and abilities, we present a variety of kit options depending on your needs and priorities:

  • The Afterschool Investigators: Nature Detectives kit provides group leaders with a variety of resources that add an extra layer of excitement to nature walks and hikes, and bring a new found awareness of birds and nature. Included are a variety of reusable resources such as Bird Bingo cards and Scavenger Hunt cards that will help you easily engage the youth you work with.
  • Our less intensive kit, Discovering Bird Diversity, provides stand-alone activities for both outdoor and indoor learning. Kids learn about birds through a variety of sensory rich activities that will open their eyes to the natural world around them.

If you are an educator who trains teachers, please be sure to check out our Ambassador program!