Photo by Susan Spears


Parents, welcome to BirdSleuth for Homeschool!

Getting outside to explore the birds in your neighborhood is an inexpensive and fun way to facilitate science learning in young children. We have developed and gathered free resources especially for homeschoolers:

  • The Homeschooler’s Guide to Project FeederWatch is a free, downloadable eight-page document which contains ideas that will be useful for families who already participate in Project FeederWatch. These brief activities will inspire new and creative ways to learn through citizen science participation.
  • Homeschooling in Nature is a growing series of blog posts written by former homeschooling parent and BirdSleuth team member, Stacie Mann. Join her as she recounts the adventures of homeschooling in the back woods of Maine, using nature as the stepping stone to almost every aspect of her children’s education.

You might also like to explore our exciting variety of educational games and activities, such as scavenger hunt and bird bingo cards, that make outdoor science learning engaging and fun!  Finally, our Feathered Friends curriculum, while written with elementary classrooms in mind, is perfectly adaptable to homeschool!

homeschool conference imageWe recently presented about citizen science at The Homeschool Conference. Please check out our archived webinar,Inquiry through Citizen Science” and find a project that is perfect for your family.