Afterschool Programs

Learning and fun during the out-of-school hours…

Bird Bingo activity

photo by: Shailee Shah

Afterschool programs are the perfect environment for fun, hands-on activities that support and enrich concepts taught during the school day. BirdSleuth recently developed the Afterschool Investigators: Nature Detectives kit to meet the needs and priorities of afterschool programs across the country. As you develop your activity plans, you can include Nature Detectives activities as a seasonal learning theme or you can offer daily adventures for youth by providing both indoor and outdoor science and nature activities. The lessons are flexible and come with extension and adaptation ideas so you’ll be able to tailor activities to meet individual goals while engaging the entire group.

The Nature Detectives kit provides group leaders with resources to help guide participants as they explore their surroundings on nature walks and hikes. Kids have fun learning environmental and conservation concepts through action-packed games such as food chain tag. And you don’t have to be scientists or expert birders: each lesson is designed to give group leaders and volunteers the opportunity to learn and enrich their own understanding of birds while guiding children through activities. The kit covers science concepts such as habitats, food webs, bird diversity and adaptations, and life cycles. Each set of activities takes children a step closer to becoming practicing scientists by allowing them to make their own observations and record data about what they see and hear. They’ll gain the skills needed to be able to share their data through participation in a wide variety of citizen-science projects. Order your kit today!