November Homeschool Share-a-thon

Share BirdSleuth and we’ll send you a thank you gift!

Homeschoolers are probably our most connected and socially networked participants.  We imagine you belong to several email lists, regularly check online forums, and probably have many friends who also homeschool.  We’d greatly appreciate it if you could share about BirdSleuth and Cornell Lab resources to your friends and contacts.  We’d like to help more people discover the things we have to offer, including our Science Investigator’s Kit for Homeschoolers.

What can I share? 

BirdSleuth Mom and boysYou can encourage your friends to:

Download the free Homeschooler’s Guide to Project FeederWatch

Purchase  the Science Investigator’s Kit for Homeschoolers: It’s 30% off right now with promotion code HOMESCHOOL30

Visit our All About Birds site to learn more about birds and bird watching

Follow BirdSleuth on Facebook
Tweet with us on Twitter


Where should I share?

There are so many possibilities!  Think about the places where you get information and the people you could share this information with… here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Facebook (please tag BirdSleuth’s page)
  • Twitter (use Hashtag #SleuthShare and tag @BirdSleuth)
  • Blogs you write for or follow
  • Homeschooling friends in your email contacts
  • Email lists from your state, local, or regional homeschool.  Any homeschool newsletters you might receive.
What will I win?
Here’s the Share-a-thon Challenge—create a message about BirdSleuth/Cornell resources and share it in at least 3 ways.  Then, simply let our Ambassador Program Intern Lindsay know how you shared it (email by December 1, 2014 and you will win a BirdSleuth Investigator and our BirdSleuth Activity pack which includes:
  • a Finch sock feeder with instructions;
  • two Bird Bingo cards;
  • two Scavenger Hunt cards;
  • and a bird identification poster.
So, please help us pass the word—it’s easy—and you will be rewarded with great prize!
Can you share some sample messages I can edit and send?
Sure!  Here are some samples messages you can include in a group email, on a newsletter, or on Facebook!
  • Imagine your child’s attention being suddenly attracted by a new kind of bird visiting the feeder outside your window. She carefully observes the bird, draws the bird in her notebook, gets out a field guide to identify it, and records the siting on a data form that will help scientists understand where birds are and how their populations are doing. BirdSleuth invites homeschool families to join their wonderful Project FeederWatch citizen science project… your family can observe your backyard bird diversity first-hand, contribute to citizen science, and enjoy teaching and learning science content and process with a wonderfully complete kit!  The kit is now 30% off and includes a year of participation in Project FeederWatch. Learn more at:
  • Looking for a hands-on resource to help you teach math and science while making a difference?  Use the birds in your backyard and the Science Investigators Kit for Homeschoolers to make it happen!  Using this kit, you and your family will record the birds that visit in order to help scientists understand where birds are and how their populations are doing, while learning science first-hand. The kit is now 30% off and provides months of activities and learning. Find out more at:
  • BirdSleuth is offering a free download will help homeschooling families use the Project FeederWatch citizen science project to learn math, science, art, and language arts. You can learn more and download a free PDF at their website:
Facebook/Twitter (link  @BirdSleuth’s Facebook or Twitter page and please use Hashtag #SleuthShare to help us track the reach!):
  • Birds are an amazing educational tool.  Join BirdSleuth’s fun community to discover how you can use birds to teach math and science.

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