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Get a Free Bird Feeder!

Having a feeder is a great first step toward getting students outside observing and learning! Pennington Wild Birds® the Cornell Lab of Ornithology are working together to educate and engage children and families about citizen science and the pleasures of wild bird feeding and bird watching. Pennington has generously donated a variety of feeders for us to share with teachers across the nation as part of this alliance. There are several ways to get a Pennington feeder…


window, feeder, bird, seed, penningtonPennington “Feathered Friends” Feeder and Activities
Teachers can receive a free window feeder! The feeder comes with a Feathered Friends activity, take home pages for your students, and coupons that will help you fill your feeder with Pennington bird seed. Download our free “Feathered Friends” resource, and you’ll get an email with information on how to get your feeder!  The activity download, feeder, and printed activities are free.  A $5.00 shipping/handling charge will be added to your cart at check out.


Cedar Lighthouse Pennington FeederMost Wanted Birds

Get a free cedar lighthouse feeder.
This classroom kit brings the power and engagement of our eBird citizen science program to your students, and invites you to use your local birds to teach science concepts like habitat and diversity.  The lessons were designed and tested with teachers, so they are complete and easy-to-use. $89.95



cedar houseAfterschool Investigators: Nature Detectives
Get a free cedar hopper feeder.
Enjoy fun and easy indoor and outdoor science activities
developed with informal education programs in mind. Lessons reinforce science concepts such as habitat, food webs, and migration.  $79.95






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  3.  by  Parameshwar

    I want to share one bird study centre
    I complete field work in western ghat region. More than 200 spices photos, video.
    I started photo printing with family, name and habitat of birds, food, nesting, etc.

  4.  by  Joyanne Hamilton

    Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the free teacher feeders for teachers in our school district. What a prize! Teachers and their students have already filled their feeders and anxiously await the birds. Thank you again for further opening the world to citizen science for our students.

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