Be a detective this summer

In order to understand and connect to the natural world, one has to be in the natural world.  When school is out, homework a-thing-of-the-past, and the weather is ripe, there is little reason to get stuck indoors and lots of time to get outside and explore!  But how do you get kids excited about the great outdoors and its inhabitants with the constant distraction of computers, TV, and other indoor technology? Our Afterschool Investigators: Nature Detectives kit is designed to be that solution. The activities included help kids learn science concepts like life cycles, food webs, habitat, diversity, and adaptations while having so much fun–well, they won’t even know they are learning!

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What curious kid doesn’t enjoy a scavenger hunt? Or a game of Bingo? Or learning about habitats with animal crackers? Nature Detectives gets kids investigating their local habitat with a series of activities they can return to over and over again.  Kids will dive into learning about food-web relationships by playing a food-web tag game,  they’ll discuss bird life cycles and the challenges nesting birds face after playing Bird Survivor, and they’ll reflect upon what they’ve learned through several colorful and informative posters and Citizen Science extension activities.  The hands-on  activities will engage their curiosity, spark their enthusiasm, and increase awareness and appreciation of the outdoors.


Perfect for summer school programs, camps, and youth groups, Nature Detectives will help children not only make observations about the world around them but also learn about “real science” and collaboration. They’ll have the opportunity to exercise their creative skills as well as their scientific reasoning by drawing habitats, designing their own birds, and making their own bird feeders. By the end of the six  lessons kids will have boosted their science skills and will feel more knowledgeable about the natural world and its feathered inhabitants. As an educator, you’ll be incredibly inspired to be able to teach science content while producing smiles, laughter, and memories of a great summer.

Infuse this summer with some detective fun! Get the kids outside and investigating their outdoor surroundings.

In addition, our partnership with Pennington Wild Birds has provided us with an exciting opportunity to supplement the curriculum: you’ll receive a free Pennington Feeder with every Nature Detectives kit you purchase!



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