Photo from Karla Beatty



BirdSleuth Ambassadors are passionate educators who share our resources with other educators.

Educators bird watching at a BirdSleuth Ambassador Workshop. Photo from Karla Beatty.

The BirdSleuth Ambassador Foundations Training is a free course offered to professional educators who want to help other teachers bring scientific inquiry, citizen science, and nature exploration into their classrooms. As a certified ambassador, you will be able to lead professional development workshops built on BirdSleuth content, present at your district, regional, and state levels, and distribute materials to fellow educators.

Trained Ambassadors can further their own knowledge of BirdSleuth through specialty trainings: ‘Nature Connections with Feathered Friends‘ and ‘Inspiring Investigations with Investigating Evidence.’ All our trainings and resources are free and accessible to Ambassadors who offer a workshop at least once a year.

To participate, you must apply to be an Ambassador. If accepted, you’ll need to collect all contact information of workshop attendees, provide post-workshop evaluations, and complete an individual reflection form. These tools are designed to help the K-12 team evaluate and track the progress of the Ambassador program. As of right now, the program is only offered for educators in the United States. Educators in outside countries may have access to online trainings, but we cannot ship materials.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Lindsay Glasner.