You can help build school gardens!

That’s right! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Alaska Fertilizer, and Lowe’s are working together to support school gardens across the country. Throughout the month of May, a portion of all Alaska Fertilizer purchased in-store at your local Lowe’s will help fund the BirdSleuth School Garden Grant program. (Find a store now.)

BirdSleuth Garden Grant winner in Menlo Park, Oregon, 2016

Research shows that students who participate in school garden programs and spend time outside are happier, healthier, and score significantly higher on science achievement tests. School gardens provide students with exciting, hands-on, fun learning opportunities that provide context for lessons across academic subjects.

Students in Savannah, Georgia, planting their new garden bed – 2016 BirdSleuth School Garden Grant winner

Many educators struggle to find the necessary funding and support to start or maintain a garden. To help with this problem, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Alaska Fertilizer have joined forces to distribute garden grants to US schools each year.

In Coffman Cove, Alaska, the school and community got together to create a vision for how our empty spaces could be used. Living in a place where 95% of our food is imported, we believe food sovereignty and environmental stewardship are topics that warrant as much consideration as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

School gardens bring the whole community together – students, teachers, parents, administrators, and volunteers from all walks of life. At one BirdSleuth School Garden Grant ground-breaking event, over 120 neighbors showed up to help. Talk about community spirit!

BirdSleuth School Garden Grants help build and maintain educational gardens around the country and support teachers who strive to bring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning and healthy living into the classroom and the lives of the students they inspire.

Help us support students and teachers to grow more school gardens!

Click the photo to see school gardens and habitat improvements across the country on the BirdSleuth Action Map!

Click the photo to learn more about past BirdSleuth School Garden Grant winners!


  1.  by  Kari

    This is a fine effort to include kids in learning and planning for the future and improving their scope if understanding about plants and science.

  2.  by  Dale Saltzman

    STEM must be STEAM for students to act upon the Future.

    This is especially true in a Garden setting.

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