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Erin Morgan

Forest Grove, OR, United States


Our school garden is not only a place to grow food and learn, but also a habitat for wildlife. The first and second grade classes at Forest Grove Community School visit nearby natural areas throughout the year to discover the birds, insects and other wildlife native to our region. We practice observation and inquiry to figure out what makes those habitats healthy, then bring our knowledge back to our community. We work hard to enhance habitat in our school garden and teach our families and friends about it. Watch this video to learn about last year’s partnership with the nearby Tillamook State Forest.

This year, students already have ideas about improving our garden. They are wondering: “How can we invite Barn Owls to the garden?” “What do Violet-green Swallows like to eat?” We hope to continue to explore, ask questions, and help make our neighborhood welcoming for wildlife.


Habitat Helpers

Wildlife Stewards – 1st/2nd Grade

Award Winning Video: Pennington Habitat Hero

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  • barbara vergenz says:

    This project is just the kind of real world learning that all children should experience. While exploring, observing,comparing, predicting and then taking action, they are not only experiencing how to learn, but also how to be real stewardsof the earth. I hope this partnership can continue .Keep up the good work.

  • Erin Murtaugh says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. It is so inspiring and makes me think…how can my students do a similar project? Hmm…

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