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Mr. Church

Westerville, OH, United States


We are in the planning stage of creating a wetland/prairie habitat that will be connected with an outdoor learning area. Our hope for this project is for our students to have a place to learn about plant and animal diversity. This of course will include various species of birds. We are planning on developing areas in which will attract specific types of wildlife by selecting plant life that will be attractive for these animals to come hang out for students to observe and study. Currently we have selected an area adjacent to the school and have started to create a wetland area by raising the drainage rim to allow water to collect and have planted several species of indigenous wetland plant-life. We are working with representatives from Franklin County Soil and Water to complete the wetland and plan on expanding the project to include raised garden beds and an outdoor learning area.


Habitat Helpers

Wetland And Outdoor Lab Project

AWARD WINNER: Pennington Habitat HeroExtending existing Wetland Area.

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