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Jeremy Russell

West Linn, OR


West Linn has inherited land on the periphery of the school and we are in the mist of restoring it with native vegetation and bird friendly plants. Two of the classes I’m teaching involve avian monitoring, conservation, and ecology. The purpose of this area we are restoring is to have them be involved with and learn about the community they are part of. This grant will enable us to build nest boxes to monitor, bird ID books, and buy more native plants. Included are photos of the areas being restored.


Habitat Helpers

West Linn Environmental Science!

This is a photo of where we plan on creating/restoring a vacant lot with a green house and native vegetation. A bird paradise!

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  • BirdSleuth K-12 says:

    Great work, Jeremy! Thanks for sharing about your habitat restoration. How old are the students who are involved in this project?

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