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Melissa Mayer

Evansville, IN, United States


Since receiving our BirdSleuth Garden Grant from Alaska Fertilizer and BirdSleuth K-12 and putting up the new feeders, we have attracted many new species of birds to our school courtyard. We now have woodpeckers, chickadees, cardinals, and a variety of sparrows. One interesting bird we attracted is a Peregrine Falcon. He/She now sits in the tree above the feeders waiting for lunch! The students are fascinated to observe the birds. Using the Alaskan Fertilizer that was sent we were able to help our native Indiana Short Grass Prairie and shade garden thrive and grow taller than ever. We also started a thinking garden with a bench to sit on, flowers, and a tree for shade. Our intent is that students will use  this area when they need a spot to cool off and think. The Alaska Fertilizer has helped what was once a twig start to grow into what now looks like a tree with leaves and new limbs. While we did not get a chance to start our indoor Tower Garden this school year we look forward to putting it together the first of August when the students return and implementing it right away. We will be sure to send pictures as our garden grows. The students have really enjoyed this experience and have already asked if we will be doing this again. I have told them for sure yes! You know when you have 5th graders asking to come and help with the garden instead of participating in recess you know you have made an impact and instilled a new love for nature and future scientists!

With our grant money we purchased several new feeders for Vogel School’s HOPE (Habitat for Observing and Preserving the Environment) Garden in our School Courtyard. Four Birdhouse kits were purchased. The first graders and their fifth grade buddies put them together and painted them. We were also able to purchase food for the feeders along with a Tower Garden to grow food for ourselves and our bird friends. We planted a tree and cleaned up the school grounds. We used the Alaska Fertilizer to help our current and new flower beds.


Habitat Helpers

Vogel’s HOPE Garden

AWARD WINNER: BirdSleuth Garden Grant WinnerOur New Feeders!

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