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Gordon Sanford

Milpitas, CA, United States


We have successsfully started a Teaching Garden on campus, involving teachers/students from a multitude of subjects (Life Sciences, Biology, AP Biology, Ecology, Earth Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Special Ed and Culinary Arts).

With an initial focus on healthy/good nutrition lifestyles (American Heart Assoc. as sponsor) we have expanded to community gardening and local ecology enhancements.

Our Teaching Garden borders a creek (overflow basin) and there is noteable wildlife that is observed by students quite often. We would like to expand our Teaching Garden to include bird life. Identifying local species, providing feeders and bird houses, and providing plants that supports/enhances our local bird population.

We seek fiscal assistance for appropriate supplies to build feeder stations and bird houses/platforms in the Teaching Garden and throughout the Milpitas High School campus (3,000+ students).

Vertical Gardening Bird Habitat

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