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Janet Bass

Lincoln, CA, United States


Hi, I am a third grade teacher at Twelve Bridges Elementary School. I started a Bird Club at my school about 7 years ago because of my love for birds. I have students from 1st to 5th grade that participate in bird club. I have maintained a number of 40 to 50 students each year. The students meet once a week at their recess time to learn about birds. The students include the kindergartner classes by making poster and presenting information about our local birds. The other days they are actively maintaining the bird feeders and watering stations. In the spring they are monitoring the nesting boxes. I have two local senior citizen bird club members that volunteer each month to share hands on activities or power point presentations. We take yearly nature hikes and have live bird programs. Last year we included the California Waterfowl Association to our resource list with presentation and resources to teach about the Wetlands in our area. The students often enjoy just sitting and watching the birds that flock to our school yard. We are growing and expanding each year to improve our school as a bird habitat.


Habitat Helpers

Twelve Bridges Bird Club

AWARD WINNER: Pennington Habitat HeroThis is our main bird feeder that I had specially design for the learning center. It can hold up to 24 feeders and plants to attract birds. It includes two water features.

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