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Sparta Avenue, Sparta Township, NJ, United States


On Earth Day, the third grade, with help from the fourth graders, at Hilltop Country Day School began building a better bird habitat outside their classroom. As winners of a Habitat Heroes grant, the students were able to purchase items needed to enhance the birding area close by. The work has just begun!


Habitat Helpers


Third grade begins building a better bird habitat.

Now that spring has arrived, the third grade class at Hilltop has been busy getting ready to make a better bird habitat using their grant money from Cornell and Pennington. On Earth Day, students gathered outside to discuss the plans. All through the long winter the students have been coming up with new ideas and plans for the area outside their window. Finally it was time to get to work!

First on the list was to move the herb garden bed a few feet to allow for more room to put up a feeder pole. The students wanted to create a little bird feeding area that they could see from their window, but that would also fit into the design of the school courtyard. It took many hands, but the bed was moved and the herbs were relocated.

The students discovered that the pizza boxes that had been placed in the garden beds last fall did actually decompose! Students planted a dogwood sapling in the new garden area and carefully surrounded it with a small fence.

Everyone had a good time discovering grubs, earthworms, spiders, and pill bugs. Students gathered the grubs and put them in the tray feeder for the birds...sorry grubs. Amazing how much work can get done when there are many helping hands!

That is all for now. The weather has not been cooperating, but more news and photos to come along soon.

Many hands make the job easier.

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