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Holly Slater

Soddy-Daisy, TN, United States


This Memorial Garden was started in December 2012 by the Student Council as a way to remember and honor one of Ivy’s wonderful students, Caleb Cooke. The Caleb Cooke Memorial Bird and Butterfly Garden is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. The Garden also maintains a Monarch Waystation Certification. The Caleb Cooke Bird and Butterfly Garden was started with these components to help maintain and attract local wildlife and pollinators: 1 Mealworm feeder, 3 wild bird feeders, 2 hummingbird feeders, 2 still water sources, 3 bluebird houses, 1 bat house, 2 finch feeders, 1 suet feeder, 1 fruit feeder, 1 butterfly house, many handmade treat feeders, 1 feeder platform, & over 50 different kinds of plants that attract birds and butterflies. There are also 6 student made benches, an outdoor whiteboard, and a podium for an outdoor classroom, and 2 benches so that the garden may function as an observation area. We have also used this garden for our citizen science surveys, the Christmas and Migratory Bird Counts. This year we are looking to add purple martin houses, a bee program, and a moving water source.

The Caleb Cooke Memorial Bird And Butterfly Garden

Certified Wildlife Habitat at Ivy Academy.

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