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Mike Mansour

Lake Orion, Orion Township, MI


I am the state coordinator for Flying WILD, a national bird education program from CEE. This is a busy time for me as I present workshops for naturalists and teachers here in the SE Michigan. Last week I did two workshops, Oakland University students and the Detroit Audubon Symposium. This week I am doing Seven Ponds Nature Center in Oakland County. Your support is very helpful. I have shared resources from you with all participants.
Thank you,

Teacher Workshops

As a retired science teacher I find great satisfaction in sharing my love of the outdoors with children and other adults. About three years ago while attending a workshop in northern Michigan Lori Adams from Idaho introduced us to Flying WILD a CEE national birding program. This experience seems to have changed my professional life. You might say birding has captured me and taken flight. Ever since that experience I have become very active sharing birding with students, teachers, and naturalists here in Michigan. It was exciting to receive two huge boxes of window bird feeders from Cornell and Pennington. This past Saturday I presented another workshop for the Detroit Audubon Chapter and I was surprised at how appreciative everyone for the workshop and especially the new bird feeder.
I am off to present another workshop this Saturday at Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden for the Community and anticipate 24 participants will once again enjoy extending their birding interest and volunteer work.
I want to thank all of you at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology for your leadership and support of our work here in Michigan.
Best wishes,
PS I will plan to take a few pictures and submit after this new workshop.

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  • BirdSleuth K-12 says:

    This is great work that you’re doing! We’re glad that you’ve found our materials helpful. We’re looking forward to seeing those photos!

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