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Maureen Gregory

Binghamton, NY, United States

Swamp Restoration and Research

I teach 7th grade science which covers Life Science at our school. We are very luck to have a 'swamp' right in our backyard for our use. Students in my 7th grade advanced science class are taking on a major task of learning more about this great resource. They worked with the Baltimore Aquarium to plant some native wetland plants in a nursery to be transplanted to the swamp in the spring. They are also working on researching swamps and wetlands to learn the ecological information. Along with their research they are doing hands on work, including identifying the plants and animals that live in the swamp, learning about the water chemistry and depth. This is a big project that we have started working on and will continue to work on throughout the year.

This is a picture of some of the students working on filling the pots with soil for the plants before transferring them to the nursery.

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