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Jeff Manker

Gilroy, CA


When our school district decided to remove swallows from the eaves of our Student Services building, we wanted them to have an alternative place to go. Students helped design a nest box that could be built by other students in the wood shop class. After many false starts and negotiations, the school finally allowed us to hang the box the day after the Ornithology class spotted early-arriving Cliff Swallows in the area! We hope they will use the boxes for this year’s nesting season. We’ll keep you posted.


Habitat Helpers


Swallow Nest Boxes

Swallow nest box mounted on the back of the baseball field scoreboard. After a two-year process, it's finally up!

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  • Erin Murtaugh says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. It is so inspirational. I love that everyone was able to work together to help out the birds and maintain the building at the same time.

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