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Teri Eberhardy

Mosinee, WI, United States


An outdoor natural play area was created the grant funds. In the play area, four trees were planted to learn about the trees as well as the animals that require trees for life.


Habitat Helpers

StoryBook Woods

In September 2013, the 4 year old kindergarten class at StoryBook Kids began their school year with the inclusion of an outdoor natural playscape which is called StoryBook Woods. Grant funds were received from the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board which helped create StoryBook Woods. Included in the plans was planting four native Wisconsin trees: red pine, white pine, maple and oak. Kindergarten students learned many things about the forest, including the animals that depend on trees for their homes and food. This included talking about birds. Adding the trees to the playscape area will assist in attracting birds to build nests there. This will give students more upclose observing opportunities.

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