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Ginny Zalopany

Mobile, AL, United States


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St. Vincent de Paul Blue Bird Trail

The 7th Grade Life Science Class at St. Vincent de Paul constructed and placed ten Blue Bird houses in the Spring of 2013. In the Spring of this year, ten more Blue Bird houses were constructed by the new 7th Grade Life Science Class and added to the campus Blue Bird Trail. Last year we had six of our houses inhabited and were able to follow the progress of the Blue Bird nesting. This year, the new 7th Grade Life Science Class constructed eight more Blue Bird houses and added them to the Campus Blue Bird Trail. St. Vincent's is located in a rural area with twenty-two acres of land (mostly pecan orchard). We have already had nesting pairs this year and had our first set of babies fly during Spring Break. Last year our success was featured in Catholic Week Magazine and we recently had WKRG television station film our bird houses (including a male Blue Bird with a grub in his mouth entering his bird house) which appeared on the local news three times. We are very proud of our Blue Bird Trail.

This is a picture of the inside of one of our successes!

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