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Susan Hilliker

Ithaca, NY, United States


We are currently studying birds in our reading club afterschool. We love the bird cams and are hoping to create some bird friendly areas in our outdoor space. We are a city school but have a large playground space with some trees close to the building.
We are going to create some feeders that we can see out the windows and hang some from trees. Hummingbirds should be coming back around now, and that would be very exciting to watch!


Habitat Helpers

South Hill Habitat

This has been a very long winter in upstate New York, and we are all looking for some spring weather. The bird cams have been a huge hit, and every student that comes near my desk is fascinated by them. Of course they are very proud that Cornell is our home college! We would love to put some feeders up on our windows and create a bird friendly space outdoors. We have several large and small size trees that would be great to hang them in. Budget cuts have made funding scarce, but we are hoping that for under $100.00 we could make it happen! Thanks so much for your wonderful work that makes our students love science and the great outdoors!

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