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Daniel Gallagher

Yonkers, NY, United States


This submission highlights the experiences my students had throughout the implementation of the generous Alaska Fertilizer and Cornell Lab of Ornithology BirdSleuth Garden Grant. Throughout this generous grant our goal was simple…make something from nothing. The garden allows students to better absorb the NSTA-NGSS aligned standards found within the Habitat Connections, BirdSleuth, and other Citizen Science lessons and projects. It allows us to participate in Project Feederwatch and it gives students an area to conduct BirdSleuth: Investigating Evidence experiments. Many of my students do not have backyards so this will help them to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count.
With the addition of a better variety and cross section of birds, Merlin and eBird will be more indispensable than ever. The grant gives many more students the ability to add to their life lists. They also have a newfound pride that their contributions to eBird will help scientists better understand our world. Last but certainly not least, HC lesson 7: Improve Your Bird Habitat will be able to be carried out for years and years to come as the goal is to expand the garden little by little each year!


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