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Mark McMullen Bushman

Seaford, DE, United States


In an effort to promote eBird, the Ward Museum supported and trained students and teachers at Seaford Middle School, Seaford, DE, in how to correctly ID birds on their campus and submit them to eBird. The goal of this excursion was to provide a basic lesson on how to use eBird to keep bird sightings in an online database. In addition, students gained a general knowledge of local bird species by identifying birds found at their school. Students learned how to apply this knowledge in the classroom, with a weekly birding extension around their school. They were able to use these abilities at home and in their community. By using eBird, students ultimately learned local birds by sight and call, and gained a general knowledge about each species. They also developed a general understanding of bird migration patterns and distributions.

Seaford EBird Program

AWARD WINNER: Celestron Binocular WinnerStudents observing an Osprey on their track.

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