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Sherri Horency

Rock Hill, SC, United States


This is a student-created, student-led project. Teachers are only facilitators and helpers, since these students are passionate about birds and their needs. They want to help all local birds, especially those they find to be in distress as they research.


Habitat Helpers

School/Community Bird Sanctuary

Our 6th grade GT Language Academy students wish to positively impact their local natural environment. This school year, they have researched local birds and their habitat needs. As a result, they have made presentations to local stakeholders, and they have begun the process of creating a bird habitat on campus, with the end result being a community-shared space for the protection of and education about local birds.

So far, they have raised funds and used them to install bird houses. Presently, they are calculating the materials needed to create a low-impact footpath surrounding the bird habitat. In addition, they hope to install bat boxes and butterfly habitats. They are planning further fundraisers and presentations to involve the community further in their dreams. Within an already-existing pine-covered area, they hope to use natural materials to create spaces for several bird species, as well as creating brush piles to support the birds. They want to add trees and other plants to support birds. Eventually, they want this to be an area where students can educate the community about wildlife and their needs.

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