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Andrea Perez

Weston, FL, United States


A student of mine, Rachel Supnick, received a 1000 dollar grant to build nesting boxes for the American Kestrel. Nesting Kestrels in South Florida are becoming rarer throughout the State. We built 26 boxes and have contacted many parks across the State and are having them erected there. We are going to monitor the boxes and create a data board within our classroom. We are also sending data to UF to help with their Avian research projects.

Award Winning Entry: Pennington Habitat Hero

Saving the American Kestrel

Our Kestrel program started in October when Rachel Supnick a 4th grade student at Manatee Bay Elementary received a 1000 dollar grant to help monitor the American Kestrel throughout the state of Florida. We built the boxes with parental input and as part of the grant purchased the BirdSleuth curriculum. I started a Birding 101 course and we are in the process of making feeders to attract birds. There are 3 mini micro habitats: Oak trees, Open field and power lines right over a canal where we have observed many different types of birds from chickadees to Ospreys. We have a nesting box attached to a portable where we will be placing a web camera to monitor whoever decides to nest there. This is a yearlong project that will end with a concert: Sonatas for Nature where we will raise funds to support the Sawgrass Nature Center and other community outreach programs.

Nesting box at Daggerwing Nature Center in Palm Beach county

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