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Alicia Carbaugh

Frederick, MD, United States

Preschool students learn about bird watching

Preschool students at Frederick Adventist Academy have been enjoying the birds this winter. We have set up a feeding station outside our classroom window and have been taking daily bird counts. We’ve set up bird identification posters beside the window and students are learning the names of our feathered visitors. We regularly see Juncos and House Finches with the occasional Carolina Chickadee, Cardinal, and Downy Woodpecker. We added the Bird Counter to our daily job routine so each student has the privilege of counting the number of birds seen at the feeders in the morning and reporting the number to the class during our group meeting. Bird identification books are in constant use in the library. They are always asking names of new birds and learning new facts about each one. They enjoy telling parents and other visitors all about the birds. I overhead one conversation about how the Juncos are only here in the winter and soon we won’t be seeing them.

Thanks to Walmart and Pennington Wild Bird food for their Adopt-A-School kit; we have been taking weekly bird walks. Our four and five year olds are learning to properly use and take care of the binoculars. They are having fun hiding in the trees and learning to wait patiently for the birds to arrive.

Our main goal with our bird feeder station is to instill a love of nature and birds in all of our young students. One student said, “Teacher, I’m just like you. I like birds and trees too!” I hope that these experiences will continue to last a lifetime.

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