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Ashley Aaron

Munising, MI, United States

Preschool RockStars

I have a FABULOUS group of Preschool RockStars. They’re naturally curious and interested by everything. Weekly, we take listening and looking walks, where the students walk around with zip lock bags and are encouraged to take special, interesting things that we bring back into the classroom to observed and draw. They love hunting around outside to see what they can find and what we can learn about the outdoors. Sometimes, we take magnifying glasses outside so we can get a closer look at the different things outside in their natural habitat. The students often tell me they feel like spies because they’re spying on the plants.
Recently, a student brought in two toilet paper roles duck taped together. The students were fascinated with the ‘binoculars’. As a class we made a set of toilet paper role -binoculars. The students love ‘spying’ on the trees outside with them.

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