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JoAnn Ballard

Boonville, NY, United States


After school students created birds and their habitat as a way to learn about birds and the environment they live in. You can tell they love birds and New York…


Habitat Helpers

Pratt STEAM Birds

BirdSleuth”ing” with Cornell by Katlin, Ireland and Haven
We have started learning about birds and their habitat in our area. We have learned that if it has feathers it is a bird. Birding has become a part of our daily after school learning program. Bird feeders are up and we have been learning about the birds that are visiting as well as the habit that they live in, what they eat and where they sleep. We also created our own birds, we hope you like them. We provided a species name, its habitat and what its diet is. Under the program, we become “Citizen Scientists” and participate in several different programs such as the 17th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), February 14–17, 2014 where we counted the birds we saw in 15 minutes and reported them to Cornell with the online App. We learned how to use the program and now can report the birds we see at home.

The Mohawk Bird

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