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Lydia Padgett

Rock Hill, SC, United States


Thanks to our grant from Cornell and the support of Alaska Fertilizer, along with local volunteers and financial supporters, the students at our school were able to create a garden full of flowers and two water sources for hummingbirds and bees and also a vegetable garden. Our students love working in our gardens and are very proud of what our hard work has accomplished. Since we have year round school, we are enjoying the flowers and vegetables we have grown all summer long!The flower garden is a beautiful place for quiet reflection, which includes a bench and artwork from our students. The vegetable boxes can be utilized nearly all year in our southern climate. Since our school is located inside a shelter in which our students live, this garden provides comfort and beauty for our students both during and after school hours. We are very grateful for the opportunity to create this place of joy that will give for many years to come. My students also very much enjoyed the curriculum provided by Cornell – the activities were so much fun – and having fun while learning means retention of facts. We hope to use this curriculum for many years to come as well. I teach grades K-8, and was able to adapt the lessons for all grade levels. Brilliant job, Cornell!


Habitat Helpers

Palmetto School Pollinator Hummingbird And Bee Garden And Vegetable Garden

With help of local volunteers and sponsors, we were able to create not only our pollinators hummingbird and bee garden but also a vegetable garden!

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