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Lisa Moosbrugger

Lima, NY, United States


Lima Primary School is deeply committed to providing a broad variety of learning experiences and opportunities for our children that emphasize the development of the “whole child.” Experience and learning in the outdoors is one important component of our holistic educational philosophy, and while outdoor play is vital to a child’s growth, our intent is to offer more than that.
Our classroom would provide a variety of experiences that would promote gross and fine motor development, social-emotional development, cognitive development, creative expression and an understanding of how the world works. Mastery of the skills associated with these areas is critical for healthy development and well-being as well as later academic success. The outdoor classroom philosophy evolves from the real needs of children, offers learning experiences that are personally meaningful to them, fully embraces developmentally appropriate practices in the development of young children and allows them to learn through the use of all their senses.
Our outdoor classroom, located on our school grounds, already has: a garden, bird trail, and a nature area. In the next two years we hope to add: an arbor/entryway, an area for large motor activities, a climbing/crawling area, messy materials area, a building area, music and movement area, water area, and a dirt/sand area. Many native plants and trees will provide unlimited sensory experiences.
Children are outdoors daily in our outdoor classroom engaging in a variety of learning experiences!


Outdoor Classroom

Children journaling with nature

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