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Janet Vigeland

Sparta Township, NJ, United States


Third graders at Hilltop Country Day School continue their efforts to enhance their bird feeding area.


Habitat Helpers


Ongoing Mission for 3rd Grade

The third graders at Hilltop have been discussing ways to enhance their bird feeding area. The garden beds around the feeders do not receive rain water since they are under an overhang from the roof. The students want to put some plants in for the birds to perch, but first want to enrich the soil in the beds. With the help of the Outdoor Classroom specialist, the children learned about soil content and adding organic matter before planting. Cardboard pizza boxes were first put in the beds, then they added grass clippings and leaf mulch on top, next came a sprinkle of wildflower seeds and finally water. Students are watching closely for bird activity!

Pizza box mulch!

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