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Mary Terrey

Clarkston, GA, United States

One small step

We are a high school severe/profound class of 6 students several of whom are refugees having very recently or just arrived here and until now or then had never been in school before. They also don't understand or speak English. In fact they may not speak at all. Even the born and raised in America are usually non-verbal in my class.

I took my students outdoors around the school with plastic grocery bags each except for the student in the wheel chair (it is only his fourth day in school from a disadvantaged country).
We looked for a tree and for trees to try to illustrate one vs more.
We looked for living things and put our hands on living things to see what they felt like. They all needed clean air, good food, and they grew. It included us.
We put our hands on non-living things. They didn't do these things and felt very different.
We said biology is the strudy of living things.
We picked up trash and made a poster of pictures of trash being put into trash cans with the motto: Put it in the can, man!

While this may not be a very spectacular accomplishment, we did what we could. We celebrated Earth Day.!!

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