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Desiree Brooker

Danielson, Killingly, CT, United States


Habitat Helpers

Nature as Therapy

I believe that it is necessary for our children to learn about and experience nature in every way possible. The Sunrise community school in Danielson, CT is a new alternative learning school for kids ages 5-18 who are having difficulties succeeding in public schools. Many of these children have behavioral problems and/or come from foster homes. Because I am beginning my internship (clinical mental health counselor), I believe that starting a BirdSleuth program for these kids will be beneficial to them not only educationally, but also to help the realize their connections to nature and how important it is to the human experience to live these connections for the benefit of all. The pictures I have submitted are pictures of my gardens at home. I have an established milkweed garden and many flowers that bring a number of different birds here. I am doing so just to show you that I am committed in my concern for our environment and all who reside within it.

CT psychology student intern wanting to help her alternative school students to become habitat heroes!! Just had to show that I am committed to being a habitat hero at my home and want to teach the kids I will be working with how important protecting all habitats are for all who live on our wonderful planet earth!

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